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Meet the Dragon Staff -- MELANIE HAYES

Posted Date: 08/14/2023

Meet the Dragon Staff -- MELANIE HAYES

MELANIE HAYES is the student advisor for Dawson ISD.  She has been an educator for 39 years, and has spent 34 of those at Dawson.  She grew up in Carrollton, but now considers herself from Welch, and graduated from Texas Tech University.


Mrs. Hayes is a retired teacher who now serves as a half-time student advisor, and has been married to her husband, a Dawson graduate, for 47 years.  They have three daughters (also Dawson graduates), three sons-in-law, and nine grandchildren.


Mrs. Hayes loves working with young people.  Working at Dawson and working with students energizes her!  She is very excited to get back with students and see what the new school year brings. 


In her spare time, Mrs. Hayes enjoys reading, music, cooking, and working in the yard.  The best part of her life and her very favorite part, however, is spending time with her grandkids! 


Something interesting you might not know about Mrs. Hayes is that she grew up in Carrollton, Texas, and she never imagined living in a rural area.  But here she is, 47 years this month, as a Welch person.  God has blessed her with many wonderful friends, relatives, and a great place to work!


What a blessing it is to have MELANIE HAYES as part of the Dragon Staff!!